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MiGuard - Natural Migraine Supplement

Our Story

Created by a Headache Subspecialist Physician

Dr. Benjamin Taimoorazy is Renowned Headache and Pain Management Subspecialist, a board-certified Anesthesiologist and a Fellow of the American Headache Society (FAHS)

MiGuard is the product of a decade of research by Dr. Taimoorazy, who has strived to find a natural nutritional supplement aimed to ameliorate headache disorders. Its formulation is created based on the most up to date scientific evidence in regards to the underlying pathophysiology of migraine headaches.

MiGuard - Natural Migraine Supplement

We Understand Migraines

Having migarine headaches all the time wrecks havoc inside.

You become self conscious, anxious and introverted. The way you live your life changes.

But we see you! You are an explosive, fun, interesting person that’s trapped inside by vitamin & mineral deficiencies in your brain.

MiGuard - Natural Migraine Supplement

Real science. Real results.

MiGuard was created out of frustration for products that don’t work.

We formulated our products with science-backed ingredients to make sure they work for you.

MiGuard may not only decrease the sensitivity of the brain to migraine triggers but also may interrupt the cascade of events that ultimately may result in the excruciating, throbbing headaches of migraines.

MiGuard - Natural Migraine Supplement

Committed to you

Dr. Taimoorazy has been striving to provide the public and his patients with treatment options that not only are effective in preventing and treating migraine headaches, but are also naturally occurring and are considered to be safe without the side effects experienced by some patients due to prescription medications.

MiGuard is made of the highest quality of natural ingredients and is produced in a state of the art FDA registered facility in the United States. MiGuard may be the end of an uphill battle against migraine headaches and many other headache disorders.

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