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MiGuard (60 capsules) - Migraine & Headache Relief Supplement

Your Essential Nutrients for Migraine Relief

★ May Help Prevent A Migraine Before It Starts

★ Doctor Recommended & Researched-Backed

Best Migraine Supplements

Decreased Sensitivity

By Kailey on Apr 23, 2022

Since starting MiGuard, my migraine resiliency has improved. I’ve noticed a decreased sensitivity to certain stimuli that would have previously triggered migraines more easily. My body is better able to tolerate fluctuations in my day-to-day environment and schedule, which I really appreciate. Overall, MiGuard has been a very welcome addition to the big picture of my migraine management strategy and works well with all my other treatments.

Wonderful Protection 

By Kieren van den Blink on Dec 23, 2021

Miguard has been a wonderful protection for my head and my body. Giving me necessary essentials and nutrients to protect myself from possible migraines. I feel like these are an extra protection seal for my life like vitamins on steroids that are built specifically for people like me who have had a history of migraines. They are all natural they are gluten-free which I need because my migraines are triggered by gluten and they are healthy and vegan and they are an excellent supplement to a diet of anyone who suffers from migraines. I highly recommend!

Better Lifestyle

By Doreen on Mar 12, 2022

 I do have migraines and have had for over 40 years. At first I didn't feel MiGuard worked for me. But I kept taking it, and after 3 months I definitely see a reduction in attacks. Nothing else has changed in my life. It has to be the addition of MiGuard. I'm going to continue it!!!!

Being Consistent 

By Natasha Imani on Jul 30, 2022

Hi there!!! I absolutely LOVE miguard. I’m so relieved I finally found something that works and gives me relief! I have not used any excedrin ever since being consistent on miguard. Thank You!!!

Gluten Free

By Dominico on Nov 3, 2022

For me, a major migraine trigger is gluten. Ever since I've heard of miguard that it a gluten free medication for migraines I started taking it. Since then I've been living a healthy lifestyle for three months, and my headaches have also lessened. I am definitely going to continue taking it in the future.

Reduced Triggers

By Clara on Feb 3, 2022

I have been suffering from migraines since the age of 14. I have done everything I can to stop it but nothing helped.Since I started taking MiGuard I am more calmer and tolerable when it comes to my migraine episodes.The triggers have been reduced, I can see MiGuard is totally helping me.

Decreased Attacks!

By Alexandra on Jan 13, 2022

MiGuard changed my life completely. I don't suffer with severe pain and my body is healing too. My frequency of migraine attacks has decreased. There is a sense of shift in my life, I have become more healthier both physically and mentally . 

Lesser Migraine Episodes!

By Joey on Mar 30, 2022

Adding MiGuard in my daily routine is helping me so much. I have lesser migraine episodes. It gives me the nutrients and elements I need to safeguard myself from potential headaches. And it just been 2 months using miguard and I can already see a lot of difference.

My Body & I Feels GREAT

By Derek on Feb 13, 2022

My tolerance for migraines has increased. I've observed a reduced sensitivity to several triggers that would have previously made me more sensitive to migraines. I can sense the shift. All because of the addition of the MiGuard into my daily routine. My body and I feels GREAT. 

Very pleased with this product so far!

By Bob A. on Jul 30, 2022

I use this product as a migraine preventative. So far, I’ve been very pleased. This product combines one vitamin (B2), one mineral (magnesium), and two other supplements that all help prevent migraines so as such it is very convenient and easy to take. Product came right on time and in perfect condition

Wonderful Product that really works!

By Sara G. on Feb 18, 2022

I love this stuff and it’s worth every penny. It has cut my migraines down from 1 a week to 1 every 3 months. It is a wonderufl product.


By Debbie on Jan 4, 2022

It’s a lifesaver., I developed migraines rather suddenly in my mid-twenties, and they gradually increased in frequency and intensity until I was having about four episodes a week. They were truly debilitating, and prescription medication was losing effectiveness and giving me rebound headaches. I started taking MiGuard over a year ago after researching natural remedies, and the difference is tremendous. I do still get migraines, but they have been reduced to just one every couple of months. When I get them, they are less intense and sumatriptan kills them in about an hour. It did take three months to notice any benefits, and it took about six months to start feeling like my old, energized self again. It’s important to give it the six months for full effectiveness! After six months, I felt okay to reduce my dosage to just one pill a day.

Just Amazed!

By Dana Shaffer on Aug 8, 2022

I have to admit I was skeptical! I have suffered headaches for five years now and I am amazed at how many days this month I wasn't nearly as bad! I will purchase again!

Genuinely brightened my day...

By David on Jul 26, 2022

MiGuard genuinely brightened my day ten-fold. This has been something I've been struggling with for as along as I can remember.

Body is Growing Healthier 

By Olivia on Sep 19, 2022

Nothing seemed to work for me when I get migraine episodes and when I got to know Miguard, it has changed my life for the better. As a result of taking all the nutrients & vitamins through MiGuard my body is growing healthier and I experience less migraine attack and I am living a happy life.

Will continue using it!

By Bonnie on Mar 18, 2022

I am on my second bottle of miguard. I really like it and it seems to have helped me. I will keep using it however it’s a little pricey.

I don't take Migraines lightly.

By Edward on Jun 1, 2022

I have been taking so many different medications that caused worse side effects rather than helping my migraines. My Dr. suggested these and I was skeptical but thought i should give it a try. After a couple of months I really did notice the difference and it has helped tremendously…..happy days again

Been using it for 3 months

By Allen on Nov 18, 2022

I have been on them for 3 months and there is a noticeable difference in the migraine headaches. Prior to taking these pills, I used to get headaches two to three times a week lasting for a couple of days. Yes, I am on all the prophylactic medication regiment. Now, in the past month I have only had one migraine and it only lasted one day. This product has had a huge impact in my life. I highly recommend it. I have been able to decrease the amount of prophylactic medication I have been taking as a result.


By Joe on May 24, 2022

Well Worth the Price, These really do help with my migraines. Even my neurologist recommends MiGuard ingredients and that is good enough for me.

From a Neurologist

By Benjamin on Feb 18, 2022

I am an adult neurologist and treat hundreds of migraine patient’s I have been impressed with the ability of this simple and very safe combination of natural products to prevent migraines Both my son and I take it, and it has clearly lessened the frequency of both migraines I think it important to point out that you have to give this (and all migraine preventatives) time to show their benefit. So unless it causes side effects, give it 4-6 weeks to see if it is working.


By Candice on Aug 3, 2022

Great product, As long as I take as directed, (twice a day) it really helps eliminate my migraines. I’m glad I took a chance and tried it.

Debilitating migraines sufferer

By Andy on Jan 18, 2022

I have been suffering from debilitating migraines several times a week for over 7 years now. Even more recently I have been getting headaches every single day. My doctor has tried everything to control them but nothing has worked. I began looking for different answers and that’s when my mom came across MiGuard. I have been taking it for almost three months and feel very good. I had almost given up hope and started to accept my way of life until I found MiGuard. Thank you for giving me my life back, I no longer wake up in fear of what i will feel like that day. It has completely changed my life and I couldn’t be more thankful!

Relief finally!

By Caroline on Dec 3, 2022

Some relief finally!, This product was suggested by my MD. I have consistently been taking it everyday for over 3 months now and I can honestly say that I do see a difference in the intesity and frequency of my headaches.

Migrane preventer

By Alice on Oct 1, 2022

I have been on MiGuard close to a year. I strongly recommend this an adjunct therapy for the prevention of migraines. I have been able to significantly decrease my prophylactic prescription medication and discontinued one of them all together.

Highly recommend it

By Phill on Nov 8, 2022

Prior to taking MiGuard, I was suffering from migraines for many years. I recommend it for anyone suffering from migraines. I have not had any side efects from taking MiGuard.

Using it for 6 months!!!

By Jenny on Apr 17, 2022

I have been using MiGuard for the past several months. There are no other prescription medications that I can safely take !!!! Thank you MiGuard 

A lifelong Migraine sufferer

By Sara H. on Jul 18, 2022

I have suffered from Headaches/Migraines most of life. As I got older the frequency increased to 4-5 a week. I recently went to a new Neurologist and as a parting recommendation suggested trying MiGuard. I wanted to wait awhile to tell you of my progress since I was concerned it may be psychosomatic. I have used only 1/2 bottle and my Migraines have been reduced to 1 a week. This is truly miraculous.Thank you,

No more migraines!

By Theo on Nov 1, 2022

A friend told me she bought these from her physician for way more than what I paid! Plus, I haven’t had a migraine since I started taking these! Finally some relief!!!! …and at a great deal!

Recommended by my doctor

By Tamara on Jan 21, 2022

Product arrived timely and intact. I have had good success using this product in addition to the beta blocker I was already taking. Much easier take than the multiple-vitamin regime I was on.

No more lost days to migraines!

By Allen on Oct 1, 2022

Makes a measureable difference in the number of migraines affecting my wife, and provides a little bit of relief during a migraine.


By John on Mar 11, 2022

Five Stars, Really helps me have a normal day. Since taking the supplement, I have been diligent about tracking the the headaches for the purposes of assessing the supplement’s effects.

Long time severe migraine sufferer

By Brooks on Feb 22, 2022

Seems to help, Long time severe migraine sufferer. Seems like this product does seem to help prevent or at least reduce the occurences.

Great vitamins

By Mathew on Dec 18, 2022

Wish I had found these vitamins sooner, I have been a life-long migraine sufferer and I wish I had learned about these vitamins sooner. These vitamins were recommended to me by a migraine specialist. They have made a significant difference. My headaches are not gone, but they have a shorter duration and the pain is far less severe. They previously lasted 24 hours and I had to stay in bed I was in so much pain. Now the headaches last 8 hours and the pain is manageable. I should mention they recommend taking 2 a day and I am only taking 1 a day. Perhaps better results if I was willing to gobble down 2 of these giant gel pills a day.